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Best Aperol Spritz Glasses | 7 Stylish Options For Spritz Lovers

If you’re like me, you drink Aperol Spritz any time of year. Finding the right glasses can be a challenge, as they can’t be too delicate (ice cubes), and they need to be large enough to hold a proper cocktail portion after adding the ice! While there’s not an “official” right glass for serving the Aperol Spritz, it’s customary to use a large wine glass.

Read on for some great spritz glass options. We think these are the best Aperol spritz glasses around!

Quick Links To Some Favorite Styles For Serving Aperol Spritz:

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Guide To Selecting The Best Glasses For Serving Aperol Spritz (or any Spritz Cocktail)

There are a few key characteristics of an ideal glass for an Aperol Spritz cocktail. If you focus on these things, you’ll land on a great set of Spritz glasses. We’ve rounded up a few sets that would work well, but you can get stylish with spritzes, and select glassware that has the vibe you’re after… from classy and modern to vintage and stemless.

What Type Of Glasses Are Best For Serving Aperol Spritz? 4 Qualities To Look For:

  1. The exact shape of the glass is not important, but traditionally (in Italy) an Aperol Spritz is served in a large wine glass. Keep in mind, this is the customary serving glassware, but you lean toward a modern vibe, a more casual stemless style, or even go for mismatched vintage styles.
  2. The glasses should NOT be too delicate. While most large wine glasses are suitable, you won’t want to use your super fine wine glasses. They just aren’t built to hold up to the ice cubes and rougher use.
  3. The glasses should be wide at the top, for ease of adding ice. Avoid taller/thinner wine glass styles that may be top heavy and difficult to fill with larger ice cubes.
  4. The glasses should be clear. The gorgeous orange hue of the Aperol Spritz is part of the fun of drinking them! Let their true color shine through by always serving this popular cocktail in a clear glass.

The Style / Vibe You’re Going For Will Point You In The Right Direction

We’ve rounded up some great options for serving spritz cocktails. We’ve sorted them into groups based on style (Traditional, Modern/Sophisticated, Vintage and Casual/Stemless).

Spritz Glass Favorites – Traditional Wine Glass Style

FAWLS Tempered, Dishwasher Safe Wine Glasses (Set Of 8)

This set of 8 traditional wine glasses is perfect for serving Spritz drinks! They are dishwasher safe (so sturdy) and even rated for restaurant use, so they’ll stand up to those clinking ice cubes! If you’re going for the classic – just like they serve it in Italy – vibes… these are the perfect set of wine glasses for Spritzin’!

Spiegelau European-Made Professional Quality Wine Glasses (Set Of 4)

Dishwasher safe, and sturdy… but with the professional grade crystal and quality you’ll need for frequent ice cube / spritz cocktail use – this modern (yet traditional) way to serve and Aperol Spritz is a great option!

The Best Modern / Sophisticated Aperol Spritz Glasses

Set of 6 Oversized 19.5oz Sturdy, Modern Wine Glasses

This oversized, and modern style is the perfect glass to level-up your Spritz game. These have a classic, yet modern feel. They are the perfect blend of modern style with durable function. Dishwasher safe, too!

Made In Cookware (Set of 4) Italian Made Modern Wine Glasses w/ Reinforced Stems

With sleek lines and sturdy function, these modern Italian made crystalline glasses are perfect for the classic Italian Aperol Spritz! Add your favorite garnish, and your happy hour cocktails will be picture perfect!

Aperol Spritz Cocktail Glasses With Vintage Vibes

Vintage Style Glass Goblets (Set Of 6)

If vintage charm is your vibe, you’ll love these vintage styled glass goblets. At 10oz, they are smaller than our other selections, but larger than most of the vintage styles you’ll find. These are thick, sturdy, dishwasher safe and very unlikely to chip. These would be gorgeous for a bridal shower or similar event!

Casual / Stemless Options For Serving Spritzes

Venice Goblet Small Stem Spritz Glasses (Set Of 4)

These unique cocktail goblets can be dressed up or down, and are especially perfect for summer. At 17oz, they are plenty large for and Aperol Spritz (with ample ice), and the sturdy and low stem makes them super functional. These will also work well for sangria!

Of note: these would make a gorgeous gift for an Aperol Spritz lover, as they come packaged in a lovely gift box!

Mason Jar Style Stemless Wine Glasses (Set Of 4)

These oversized, stemless wine glasses are the PERFECT spritz glasses, if you’re after a garden party / outdoor or casual vibe. They’re oversized, so they’ll fit loads of ice on a hot day… and they give just the right blend of pulled together and effortless vibes. What better way to stylishly serve your favorite Spritz cocktail at a casual happy hour? We’re guessing these might become your favorite every night glasses!

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