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Non Alcoholic Spritz Recipes

More and more people are opting for zero-proof or non alcoholic cocktails these days. If you’re hosting a happy hour or event where an Aperol Spritz or other Spritz is going to be your signature cocktail, you should consider having an NA option! This guide to non-alcoholic spritz recipes will help ensure that every guest enjoys a great spritz at your event!

Top Alcohol Free Aperol Spritz Options – Read More Below!

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Non Alcoholic Prosecco Options, Alcohol Free Aperol Substitutes + More For Zero Proof Spritz Recipes

Zero proof Spritz recipes are only as good as their ingredients. To make a great NA Aperol Spritz (or other Spritz Cocktail), you can still follow our classic Aperol Spritz recipe. Simply substitute an NA prosecco or zero proof substitute for Aperol (like one of the recommended options below). There are several keys to getting the alcohol free spritz right. First, is to choose a complex and dry alcohol free Prosecco that has a fine bubble and isn’t too sweet. Second, you’ll need to find the right NA apertif or bitters. Which one you need depends on the flavor you’re going for (and the Spritz variety). We’ve done the research and have a curated list of some of the best NA options for Spritz making! Trust me… your zero proof guests will thank you.

Alcohol Free Prosecco

Best Non Alcoholic Prosecco For Alcohol Free Spritz Recipes

The following options are available on Amazon (and probably at your specialty liquor store as well). Have a bottle on hand, and your zero proof guests will thank you.

Princess Bollicine Bianco Extra Dry NA Alcohol Free Prosecco / Champagne / Sparkling Wine

This is a highly rated Italian option, noted for its not-too-sweet flavor… making this the perfect zero proof substitute for prosecco in your favorite Spritz recipe! It’s an especially festive option for a non alcoholic Aperol Spritz recipe, since it’s made in Italy! This is easy to order on Amazon, but is likely available in most local specialty liquor stores as well.

Lussory Organic Sparkling Brut – Non Alcoholic NA Prosecco / Champagne / Brut

Although this option is made in Spain, it’s truly among the best alternatives when you’re looking for a non alcoholic prosecco option! Bonus? It’s also organic! Noted for it’s tiny bubbles, the Prosecco-like mouth feel is the perfect alcohol free Prosecco substitute for your zero proof Aperol Spritz recipes.

Alcohol Free Aperol-Like Aperitif

Best Alcohol Free Aperol Substitute – For Zero Proof Aperol Spritz

Crodino Non-Alcoholic Bitter Aperitif

If you’re looking for a non alcoholic Aperol option, Crodino is the ideal substitute. This makes the perfect replacement for Aperol in an alcohol free Aperol Spritz! Made by Compari Group (the maker of Aperol), reviewers appreciate how Aperol like the flavor is! It’s bitter, with the citrus notes needed to balance out a zero proof Aperol Spritz cocktail. It’s a great option, and while it may be a little hard to find locally, it’s available on Amazon. Bonus? The small sized bottles mean less waste at your event.

Alcohol Free Aperol Spritz

Looking For The Best Non Alcoholic Aperol Spritz In A Can?

If you’re looking for a ready-to-pour option, these Free AF brand Aperol Spritz Mocktails are for you! They are complex in flavor, low in calories, and we’re sure you and your guests will love them.

Free AF Apero Spritz Canned Alcohol Free Cocktail

If you’re looking for a non alcoholic Aperol that’s ready-to-pour, it doesn’t get better than Free AF’s Apero Spritz. These have a satisfyingly complex flavor, without being too sweet. Garnish then with a cocktail spear stacked with olives, and your zero proof guests will be delighted! This brand has the closest flavor to a true Aperol Spritz that I’ve tried. These are great to have around for nights when you don’t need a cocktail, but you’re craving those happy hour vibes.