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15 Perfect Gifts For Aperol Spritz Lovers

Everyone loves a gift that feels personal and thoughtful. If you have someone on your gift list that also happens to be a Spritz fan at happy hour… we’ve rounded up some seriously amazing gifts for Aperol Spritz lovers!

These are the best Aperol Spritz themed products we could round up, and trust us… you’re going to love them! These options range from funny to luxurious, and we know you’ll find the perfect gift among these options. Happy shopping, and we hope you’ll enjoy these gift selections.

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Luxury Gifts For Aperol Spritz Lovers

9oz. Aperol Spritz Scented Candle

A high end gift like this is sure to be a favorite! Pamper your favorite Aperol Spritz lover with a candle to ignite their senses with a scent they’re sure to love. With notes of Citrus, this refreshing candle is a great gift on its own, or as part of a gift basket!

Room Diffuser – Aperol Spritz Scent

Enjoy the scents of your favorite cocktail around the clock, not just at happy hour! This gorgeous room diffuser not only smells delicious, but adds a lovely scent to any space. An Aperol Spritz lover is sure to love this additional to their home!

Luxury Spritz Glasses – Set Of 4

What a great way to level-up happy hour! This set of 4 stylish glasses are perfect for Aperol Spritz serving! They’re sturdy, but refined… and the stylish stems are short, making them less likely to get knocked over.

Aperol Spritz Scented Fancy Room Spray

It’s one of those thing you might not splurge on for yourself, but you’d love to use… this fancy spritz scented room spray will be another way your Spritz loving friend can ‘Spritz’ in style. Pun intended.

Aperol Spritz Scented Luxury Hand Soap

This foaming hand soap would make a wonderful housewarming gift for an Aperol Spritz fan! It’s moisturizing and will add an element of luxury to the bath or kitchen. You can’t go wrong with this scent, which will be a fast favorite for anyone who loves an Aperol Spritz at happy hour!

Aperol Spritz Bubble Bath

What better way to pamper a Spritz lover in style, than an Aperol Spritz inspired bubble bath? You already know they’ll love the scent, and it will be just the excuse they need to indulge in some self care, courtesy of YOU!

Creative + Useful Gift Ideas For An Aperol Spritz Lover

Aperitivo Book, By Marisa Huff

This hardcover book is gorgeous enough to grace the coffee table, but also useful for entertaining! If you love a good Spritz, this book will be a fast favorite. It includes recipes, inspiration for what to serve with a Spritz cocktail, and more!

Modern Aperol Poster Art Print

This modern take on the Aperol Spritz is an adorable piece of art for a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom for a true Spritz fan. Available in multiple sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect place for this little splash of personality on the wall!

Vintage Poster Inspired Aperol Gift Canvas Bag

This 12×14 inch tote bag will have your favorite Spritz Lover carrying their essentials in style. It’s the perfect size for heading to the gym, the farmer’s market, or the kids’ sports field!

Hat Embroidered w/ A Spritz Cocktail

This adorable hat is embroidered with a Spritz-filled wineglass, and will make any Spritz lover smile. It’s useful, affordable and will be put to good use. It’s available in a number of colors, too!

Coffee By Day, Spritz By Night Hoodie

If your favorite Spritz lover is also a coffee drinker, then this hoodie is for them! Functional, with a sense of humor, this coffee in the am / spritz cocktail in the pm screen printed hoodie will make them chuckle.

Funny Gifts For Aperol Spritz Lovers

Aperol + Prosecco Insulated Travel Mug

Whether it’s keeping an Aperol Spritz icy cold, or their morning coffee hot… they’ll think of you every time they use this funny and personal mug! It’s 20oz., so it’s big enough for lots of ice cubes, or plenty of caffeine the morning after one-too-many cocktails at happy hour!

Please Get Me An Aperol Spritz Trucker Hat

You’ll have the most memorable (and stylish) hat at the party when you wear this Trucker style hat! It’s sure to make people laugh, and they just might surprise you with a cocktail… since they’ll already know your order!

Aperol Spritzin T-Shirt

Available in both Men’s and Women’s cuts (and multiple colors), you’re sure to find the perfect one to suit your favorite spritz loving friend!

This Could Be An Aperol Spritz Coffee Mug

It’s funny because it’s true… there just MIGHT be a Spritz in this mug at a given time. But chances are, this gift will just make a Spritz lover laugh (and think of you!) every time they use it for their coffee.

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